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Stop bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and it’s a good time for schools, communities, districts, states, and foster parents to take stock of current efforts to reduce and prevent bullying. As an adult in the community, you play an important role in ensuring all children are safe from bullying. Whether you work in law enforcement, mental health services, community or youth organizations, or any other role that works with children, there are resources to help you take action against bullying. 

Bullies are present in every school and community, and all children must deal with bullying and teasing from some perspective – if not as the bully, the victim, or both, then as the bystander who witnesses these acts – and they must choose whether and how to respond. For children involved in the child welfare system, bullying and teasing may not only be a more prevalent, constant, and serious problem, but they may have fewer supports available to help them deal with these issues.

It's important to discuss bullying in relation to foster children due to the risk factors of bullying and why it occurs in school and in the community.


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